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Welcome to the LitwareHR community site

SaaS is a journey walk with us! This has been our motto since we started our SaaS architecture guidance about one year ago.
In this journey, the release of LitwareHR represents an important milestone; most likely the most important since the launch of the SaaS architecture web site on MSDN back in August. Aimed at software architects and developers, the goal of LitwareHR is twofold:
  • To be the embodiment of the architectural guidance described in our whitepapers
  • To demonstrate how the Microsoft platform is used in the creation of SaaS solutions

With this release of LitwareHR, we are moving forward in the understanding of designing and building SaaS applications, but as mentioned, this is a journey, LitwareHR will evolve over time. New knowledge will impact future implementations, new technologies will change how certain aspects will be implemented.

Below you will find information on how to get the code (Getting Started) and maybe even more importantly how to participate (To Participate).

We have been very excited about discovering ways of taming the 3 headed monster that haunts all SaaS ISVs, we are even more now we can do it with you.

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Just Released!: SSDS based BlogEngine.NET provider inspired on LitwareHR data access

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
Inspired in LitwareHR's recently released data access implementation for SQL Server Data Services, this sample demonstrates a BlogEngine.NET blogprovider implementation running on that service for persistence. It uses a redesigned version of the Repository approach used in LitwareHR. Among other things, it leverages Microsoft patterns & practices Unity Application Block to resolve dependencies. Check the releases section to download the bits. More information on Eugenio's blog.

Just Released!: LitwareHR on SQL Server Data Services

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
A new enhanced version of LitwareHR including some major enhancements on the UI and persistance layers. It includes a new data access layer leveraging SQL Server Data Services and and completely new UI. Check out the release section to download the bits.

Just Released!: LitwareHR November 2007 and Multitenant Database Performance Guidance

Thursday, November 15th, 2007
We've just released a new version of LitwareHR which includes enhanced backend functionality, a new Smart Client and integration with Silverlight Streaming. Also available is a new package to help you assess performance and scalability of databases with different extensibility patterns: extension tables, fixed columns and XML data types. Check the releases section of this website to download the bits.

LitwareHR Smart Client (beta) Released

Thursday, July 26th, 2007
Just released! LitwareHR Smart Client demonstrates how to consume LitwareHR's functional and non-functional On-Line services from a desktop application. Based on WPF for richer visualization, it also includes support for offline scenarios. More information see the Planned Releases section here. Stay tuned to our blogs for more information and send us feedback please!

SaaS Architecture Workshop

Thursday, April 26th, 2007
Fred Chong, Gianpaolo Carraro, Erik Weis and Matias Woloski gave a 3-day workshop on SaaS, at Microsoft HQ in Redmond. Attending Microsoft employees and ISVs used a SaaS reference application based on LitwareHR to get inside of the architectural challenges solutions for data model configuration, tenant provisioning, workflow configuration and security.

Get the labs, slides and more information here

What are we working on now? MPS provisioning

Friday, April 24, 2007
These days we’ve been doing some research on how the Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) could be used for LitwareHR’s provisioning tasks.

The current version of LitwareHR executes command scripts and custom code for its datacenter and tenant provisioning actions (scripts located in \Setup\DataCenter\ and tenant provisioning code in LitwareHR.Portfolio.Services.ProvisioningLogic.DoProvisioning method).

MPS is part of the Windows-Based Hosting solution (WBH) and provides a standard interface for provisioning tasks. Through it, LitwareHR can take advantage of WBH and MPS features like provisioning plans, auditing, metering, and billing.

As a first step, we are working on changing current tenant provisioning code into a MPS request that performs the same tasks (creation of virtual directory in IIS, adding an OU in ADAM and inserting tenant data in SQL databases).
What do you think? Have you ever used MPS? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Post your comments here

More details about MPS and how we are working with it (external links or anchors in the same wiki page):

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About the Project

LitwareHR is a fictitious HR application providing recruitment management software delivered as a service. But the important aspects are not what the application does but how it is implemented.

LitwareHR is implemented as a Single Instance Multi Tenant application, which means that all LitwareHR customers (or tenants) share the same instance of the application including a single database. Showing how to be multi tenant efficient as well as allowing tenant specific customization in a single instance environment was one of the key objective of LitwareHR.

Getting Started

The Getting Started provides recommendations on how to quickly install and start using LitwareHR.

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting Guide

Have a question? You'll probably get the answer here.

To Participate

There are several ways you will be able to participate to this project.
  • Discuss in forums
  • Report issues
  • Submit feature requests (feature requests are entered as issues)
  • Contribute code: Consistent with standard practice on community development sites, we will ask any community contributors to (1) assign us ownership of the contributions, (2) have your employers, if any, waive any claim to the contributions, and (3) warrant against IP infringement License. If you can comply to these 3 points, please contact LitwareHR community lead and notify your interest in contributing code.


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We would like to thank Southworks for their critical help in building this application as well as the people at the Platform Adoption Center for allowing us to use their resources for part of this project.


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