Error When Provisioning a new Tenant

Topics: Troubleshooting
Dec 11, 2007 at 11:02 PM
When I try to create a new Tenant, I get an error in the ProvisioningService.
The URL of the service is:
The error is:

Line 90: <behavior name="LitwareHR.Recruiting.Syndication.Services.SyndicationEndpointBehavior">
Line 91: <webHttp />
Line 92: </behavior>
Line 93: <behavior name="LitwareHR.Recruiting.Syndication.Services.PoxEndpointBehavior">
Invalid element in configuration. The extension name 'webHttp' is not registered in the collection at system.serviceModel/extensions/behaviorExtensions.

This error seems to be related to the REST/POX. I tried adding a reference to both System.ServiceModel.dll and System.ServiceModel.Web, but to no avail.
Is which assembly is the webHttpBinding defined? I figure that once I know where this binding lives, I can add it to the list of behaviorextensions, and I hope that will get me running.