Survey - Areas of interest

Jun 19, 2008 at 7:40 PM
As I enter a planning period, I'd very much appreciate any input folks might have for us. I'm interested in learning from you what areas would like us to cover in our next set of deliverables.


- Security aspects (SSO, identity federation, etc)
- Integration (data & process)
- Database design
- Performance & scalability
- Tooling

My hope is to get a general idea of the areas first, and then put together a set of more structured questions to get more details.

Thanks in advance!
Jun 20, 2008 at 11:13 PM
Hi Eugenio,

Thank you for the opportunity to provide some input.

I am evaluating SSDS primarily as a candidate for re-writing a commercial (Web based) application package as a single instance, multi-tenanted SaaS application.  (Similar to but in a different vertical.  Users will have a high proportion of windows mobile devices (50%) as well as windows desktop computers (50%).

Right now, I am primarily interested in:

Multi-Tenancy support
Screen (Web Page) generation
Report Generation
n-tier, application framework (linking/controlling: UI, presentation, business, data and persistance layers)

I am 'subscribing' to Microsoft's S+S model and would very much like the application to be able to use SSDS running both 'in the cloud' and 'on-premise', as required by the customer(s).

Hope this helps.


Jun 22, 2008 at 9:58 PM
Hi... I do have a specific suggestion for SSDS functionality.

In a multi-tenanted application, specific database tables can hold the data for many 'Tenant' companies.  For security reasons, it is essential to ensure that the users of a particular 'Tenant' company only see data belonging to that Tenant company.

Within SQL sever, I believe that it is possible to create a 'view' on the database schema to help implement the required separation.  The SaaS/Multi-tenancy developer then programmes against the 'view' and then, even if a mistake is made in the programming of the 'where' clause (e.g.  accidentally omitting 'where Tenant ID = 123') then the query does not go on to include the data belonging to other Tenant companies.

It would be great if such a 'view' could be implemented in SSDS to help insulate data in the Containers and Entities, for each tennant and provide some protection for the application developer.

Please let me know if you you need further explaination.