Too much dependency on MS new platform while evaluating LitwareHR

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Jan 19, 2009 at 4:41 PM
Edited Jan 20, 2009 at 12:57 AM
First I would like to say I am a  supportor of Microsoft Platform and very glad to see those great "proof of concept" in LitwareHR (about the SSDS and Windows 2008). Excellent Job!

However, those exciting new technologies now seems to become the obstacles for me to contiune my journey. I have spent a couple of days to make an VM and install Windows 2008, and I have to stuff another set of VS 2008 into the VM, despite that I already have it on my XP SP2.

I browse the forum and there are a lot of topics dicussing how to "install the sample correctly", rather than to discuss something about the code itself. I think it is a clear warning that a lot of folks are blocked out because of the operating & data platform.

I am not successful with the environment yet so I can not see the details of LitwareHR. Please ignore my following assumptions if they are not true. 

LitwareHR depends heavily on:
1. IIS 7.0
2. SSDS data model (no matter online or offline)
3. Windows 2008

And my concern about the technologies are:

1. Is it possible not to manupulate IIS 7.0 so heavily?
I am wondering if we can use XP or Vista as the development environment, rather than tightly coupled with Windows 2008 and IIS7 when building the solution. To utilize the power of those new platform (IIS7 and Win2008), the team may publish a white paper showing how to manually configurate the sample onf the new platform. Yes, I think I can handle the manual work by myself :)

2. I will appreciate if the SQL Server data model be still supported by current and future Litware version. The reasons have been addressed by a couple of folks in previous posts.

3. It is not very common and not economic to install an VS2008 (a development tool) on an Windows 2008 (server platform). I will be super glad if the sample will have less problems if running on XP or Vista. 

4. I know that Version 1.0 is available on XP. However, as long as I see there are new versions (May 2008 for example) available but can not run on my development environment, my heart starts aching... :-D

I know that there is some secret order from the "top" :-) indicating the team to adopt those new technology. However, if we browse the forum a little bit, we can see that the most urgent task is to provide alternatives to show us how to run the sample successfully, and I assume this change will attract potential users who are intested in this project.

Anyway, this is all my fantasy. Thanks and keep going!

Jan 21, 2009 at 4:56 PM
I agree. There are too many dependencies. Our initial intent was to provide an end-to-end sample, as close as possible to a "real" app. I'd probably do things differently if I were to start again.