Tenant Website Created in Sub Domain

Topics: Tenant Provisioning
May 7, 2007 at 6:53 PM

LitwareHR is being installed successfully. provisioning a tenant is done and Ptivate and Public sites are created. Here the problme is that the website is creates as sub website to www.litwarehr.com. Here are the details.

tenant name: avanza
private website: http://www.litwarehr.com/avanza/private/
public site: http://www.litwarehr.com/avanza/public/

I donot have a website at root e.g, www.avanza.com. but it linked to the newly created tenant websites being a Home page.

Please advise me why it happend with my depolyment.
May 12, 2007 at 10:56 PM

Every time a tenant submits its information to start trying Litware HR services, a virtual directory is created inside of Litware website only for taking care of that services. In your scenario, avanza institutional website maybe exists prior to start trying Litware HR services, (just like what happens for contoso and fabrikam websites).

Litware's responsability is to provide the HR services and that is why it creates a separate virtual directory for every tenant. In this scenario, the tenant's institutional website is a tenant's responsability: maybe a tenant does not have an institutional website and uses Litware HR services or maybe it does count with an institutional website, just like www.contoso.com, with links to its HR services at LitwareHR.

Does this make sense?

Ariel Schapiro