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Evaluating Litware HR on Windows Vista

Litware HR was designed to run in Windows Server 2003 because it provides features that a real world production datacenter needs, such as the ability to run multiple websites at the same time. But if you prefer to evaluate LitwareHR under windows Vista, you may consider the following:

We are using a shielded Authentication service that interacts with ADAM repository:


This architecture approach of having a component reused across all the modules, makes that by changing this component it affects the authentication behavior in every piece of the application.

If you want to use another authentication store, such as Active Directory or SQL, the change is easy and inexpensive: you would need to modify the code at Shp.Runtime.Services.AuthenticationLogic class or implement your own Authentication Service and use that one.
Some of the methods implemented in Shp.Runtime.Services.AuthenticationLogic are:
  • Users: CreateUser, ValidateUser, IsUser
  • Roles: AddUserToRole, IsUserInRole, GetRolesForUser
  • Provisioning: SetUpTenant, CleanUpTenant

You should also change the Identity store scripts for Datacenter Provisioning (Setup\IdentityStoreSetUp.cmd and Setup\IdentitystoreCleanUp.cmd) in order to setup the basic identity structure: in case of using SQL you may want to create tables, etc.

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