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SaaS Architecture Workshop

Fred Chong, Gianpaolo Carraro, Erik Weis and Matias Woloski gave a 3-day workshop on SaaS, at Microsoft HQ in Redmond. Attending Microsoft employees and ISVs used a SaaS reference application based on LitwareHR to get inside of the architectural challenges solutions for data model configuration, tenant provisioning, workflow configuration and security.

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Workshop Material



  • Day 1:
    • Welcome
    • SaaS Ecosystem
    • Multi-tenant Architecture Principles
    • Multi-tenant Data Architecture
    • Lab 1 intro
  • Day 2:
    • Consuming SaaS In The Enterprise
    • SaaS Hosting Platform
    • Monetizing SaaS
    • Lab 2 intro
  • Day 3:
    • Securing SaaS Applications
    • Lab 3 intro
    • Lab 4 intro

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