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Tenant Provisioning screencast

Friday, March 23, 2007
Once the Datacenter Provisioning is completed, tenants will be able to start trying LitwareHR application. First of all, they will have to create a tenant account at LitwareHR so they can use the application.
The process that takes care of allocating the resources that tenant will use is called "Tenant Provisioning"
This screencast shows the "behind the scenes" actions this service does:
  • creates one virtual folder and two virtual directories in IIS for tenant's public and private sites
  • adds tenant basic information in MetadataStore database
  • inserts default tenant preferences in MetadataStore database, such as entity extension fields, workflow definitions and rulesets
  • creates the view filter for the position entity
  • creates an sql view that the tenant will use to retrieve the position entity fields
  • creates an Organizational Unit (OU) in the Authorization store (ADAM) with users and roles support

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